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Tangled Synapses Luxury Travel is the travel division of the Tangled Synapses group of companies.

We are participating in the 2018 Soccer World Cup in Russia this summer as the leading provider of charter flights for our soccer fans who want to travel to Russia in a private jet to attend the games.

We offer a wide range of aircraft from business jets, sitting up to 18 passengers, (Embraer, Falcon, Bombardier, Dassault, Gulfstream, among others) to long-haul airliners, carrying 250 passengers or more, such as the B767, A330, and B777.

We plan to work exclusively with the travel agencies appointed by FIFA as well as with independent travel operators and soccer fans. We would also like to offer air transport to the soccer teams travelling to Russia to dispute the Word Cup.


Chartered aircraft pricing is based on the number of hours flown, the type of aircraft used, and fuel costs. Executive jet costs range from $2,500 up to $8,000 per hour. Long-haul airliners could go from $6,500 up to $20,000 per hour.


To take advantage of our current low prices, it is strongly advised that you reserve your aircraft now with no deposit required. By early February 2018, you will be asked to make a deposit to secure your aircraft, as pricing just before the games will be understandably higher.

In addition, Tangled Synapses Luxury Travel offers bespoke tours to the discriminating traveler anywhere in the world. Please inquire within for more details.

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Disclaimer: Tangled Synapses Luxury Travel arranges flights on behalf of our clients. Flights are operated by FAR Part 135 direct air carriers, which have been certified to provide charter services for Tangled Synapses Luxury Travel passengers as they meet all FAA safety standards. Tangled Synapses Luxury Travel is not an aircraft operator.